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6 All Natural Ways to Freshen Your Home with Fall Scents

Moche Fedor |

Moche Fedor |

Fall is here and you know what that means- warm fuzzy feelings, boots, colorful leaves and spicy autumn scents to make your home smell fantastic for the upcoming season. This year, avoid the toxic chemicals found in artificial scents and opt for an all natural approach. Here are 6 easy ways to freshen up your humble abode fall-style!

DIY Room Scents
Forget the plug ins and room freshener sprays and create your own scents with ingredients provided by Mother Nature! Not only will you be avoiding the use of those gross chemicals that can irritate allergies and asthma, but these little projects are easy peasy. Just choose your favorite herbs, spices and fruit and simmer on the stove.

Reed Diffusers
Not only do they smell yummy, but they add some cute fall décor to a mantle or table as well. Take a trip to the craft store for some glass jars and rattan reeds, then mix safflower oil or sweet almond oil with essential oils for a heavenly concoction. Try mixing essential oils together for your very own, unique scent!

Cinnamon sticks, dried apples and cloves scream fall- perfect to add to a decorative bowl or jar for some aromatic potpourri. Slice apples and oranges thinly and bake in the oven to dry them out. Toss them with spices of your choice and let the mixture marinate for a day. These make wonderful homemade gifts as well.

All Natural Oil Plug In Refills
So you want to ditch any harmful substances in your home, but can’t let go of your scented wall plug in? That’s ok, because you can make your own refills and shake off the nasty store bought ones. Remove the wick from the empty bulb, clean it out and add your own delicious essential oils instead. Replace the bulb, plug it in and let her rip—piece of cake!

DIY Organic Candles
You can by organic, all natural candles at numerous stores nowadays or you can get crafty and crank out your own. Olive oil and beeswax are common substances used to scent and light up a room without any of the toxic extras. It’s also a good survival skill to learn in case light is needed in an emergency.

Herbal Wreath
With a little bit of wire and herbs, you can create a beautiful wreath for your home that will also emit a lovely fall scent. Grapevine wreaths, paddling wire and floral wire can be purchased at your local craft store. Pick out herbs such as thyme, rosemary sprigs or lavender to twist into a wreath.

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