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5 Innovative and Fun Alarm Clocks to Wake Up To

Does the beeping sound of you alarm clock still haunt you through the day? Are your reflexes so in tune that you don’t even have to wake up to hit the snooze button? And are you perhaps looking for something more exciting to start your day? Look no further than an innovative alarm clock. And whether it’s the earthquake inducing appliances that you are searching for, or a clock on wheels, right here are 5 innovative alarms to get you going each morning:

“Clocky” – Alarm Clock on WheelsIs the snooze button too easy for you to hit? With Clocky, the alarm clock on wheels, you no longer have to worry about muscle memory getting in the way of waking up on time. This intrepid alarm clock wakes you up like any normal alarm clock, but hit that snooze button one too many times and this time keeper takes off. It will buzz and ring until you get out of bed, find where the thing is hiding, and push a button, making it more effective way to rise than the single button of most snoozes.

Sonic Bomb with Super Shaker Alarm ClockFor the super sleeper, the Sonic Bomb is the way to go. Simply known as “The Bomb,” this innocent enough looking bedside clock sends out a deep sound when it’s time to wake up. Clocking in at 113db, the company claims that this dual alarm clock system will shake your windows. And in addition, if you still are hovering in dream land through the sirens, the Super Shaker 12-volt bed shaker attachment will do the rest of the job. And if you lose too many roommates with the alarm, just wake to the shake alone.

“Sleepy” – Interactive Alarm ClockLooking for a little more playtime straight out of bed? As much fun as it is, Sleepy the interactive alarm clock is also an effective way to wake up each day. Balanced perfectly on an end, the Sleepy Alarm Clock’s snooze is triggered by kinetic energy such as twirling and rocking. So to snooze, you have to spin the gyroscope. When it comes to a rest, the alarm goes off again. You need big spins to sleep more, which gets you out of bed longer, which effectively starts your day sooner, all the while having a good time doing it.

Lark Alarm – The Silent Alarm ClockIf you’re tired from being jolted awake each morning, or maybe you get up significantly earlier than your significant other, than the Lark Alarm Clock is the way to go. Also great for the hard of hearing, the Lark Silent Alarm consists of a small wristband with built in vibration. Use your smartphone or computer to set the time, and each morning you’ll be lightly awoken by a soft shaking instead of an ear cringing alarm. Not great for the deepest of sleepers, but get used to this routine and prepare to wake up in a better mood each morning.

Rocket Launcher Alarm ClockFor all the kids, or the kids inside of us, the Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock is a fun way to start the day. When your alarm goes off, headquarters starts the countdown. And it’s just enough time to wake up for the rocket launch. Once this bite-size rocket takes off into your room, the alarm won’t stop buzzing until you put it back on its cradle. So a fun way to start your day, or a hilarious wake-up for visiting house guests, the Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock is a bit of a novelty item, but hey, who doesn’t like to have a little fun?

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