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5 Breakfast in Bed Recipes to Start Your Day

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A slow Sunday, an early Monday, or a random Thursday, whenever it is, breakfast in bed is always a good idea. But why not skip the cereal and toaster pastries? Why not go for something a little more satisfying, something a bit healthier, and of course something that won’t make too much of a mess on the bed sheets:

Oatmeal with Garnishes
Ask any experienced oatmeal eater, the key is in the ingredients. Get out your oats, fill up a bowl, and enhance the experience with any of these ingredients: almonds, raisins, craisins, brown sugar, apple chunks, peach slices, and chocolate chips.

Fruit Parfait
A great way to start the day is with a little parfait. And despite the rhyme, it’s true. It’s a sweet and not terrible for you if you choose the right ingredients morning kick start. And best of all, it’s a snap to prepare. Just grab the following ingredients and layer them into a bowl, cup, or traditional parfait ladle: plain yogurt, fresh fruit (berries, bananas, mangos, etc.) sliced and/or diced, granola, and a touch of honey

Classic Breakfast
Nothing quite beats the classic farmer’s breakfast: eggs, meat, and potatoes. Scrambled, over-easy, sunny-side up, no matter which way you go, don’t forget the coffee. Bacon, sausage, and ham, a little hot sauce or ketchup never hurts. And of course, hash browns, home-fries, or tater-tots, find a way you like it best and perfect it. A good breakfast goes a long way.

Peanut-Butter Waffle
Skip the mess with syrup and spread some peanut butter on your favorite waffle of choice. Get a little fancier about it and add a dash of cinnamon or slices of banana to make this healthier breakfast be a tasty treat to start the day.

Eggs in a Hole
A simple but awesome feat in breakfasting engineering, Eggs in the Hole consist of a piece of bread with an egg cooked completely into the center of it. Easy to do, fun to eat, here’s how its done: 2 slices of bread (medium thickness), butter (or butter alternative), and 2 eggs.


  1. Spread Butter on one side of each Slice of Bread
  2. Cut hole with cookie-cutter of cup in center of each Slice of Bread
  3. Keep the Centerpieces to the side
  4. Butter and heat pan over medium heat
  5. Add Slices of Bread and Centerpieces to pan, butter side up
  6. Crack 1 Egg into each hole
  7. Cook until the underside of the bread is golden brown ≈ 3-4 minutes
  8. Flip and Cook Egg to preferred doneness  ≈ 2-4 minutes
  9. Eat in Bed!

Breakfast in bed is an occasion all its own, don’t wait for a special date where you can spend a little extra time in bed, get a healthy start to the day, and not leave too many dishes in the sink. Enjoy every breakfast in bed you can manage, and don’t forget the silverware.

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