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10 Worst Sleeping Habits

Petr Malyshev / iStock /

Petr Malyshev / iStock /

Troubled sleepers may not realize that their subconscious mind holds onto bad habits or improper sleeping behaviors. Say hello to the worst sleeping habits, sleeping patterns, and behaviors.

Sleeping on the Stomach
Chiropractors and physical therapists would agree that sleeping on the stomach is the worst sleeping position, which is also the worst sleeping position for the spine. Sleeping on the stomach stiffens the back due to the spine’s alignment and compresses the diaphragm, which is not ideal for those who sinus or breathing issues. Most people will awake with a stiffen back or not well-rested mind.

Breathing Through the Mouth
Breathing through the mouth is not ideal as the air and pollutants “attack” the lungs. Most people do not breath through their nose, which is ideal for filtering the air’s pollutants. Breathing through the nose warms the air unlike breathing through the mouth, which “shocks” the lungs.

Sleep Facing Circulating Air
With an open mouth, dust, particles and dander make way into the body. Choose a ceiling fan or place floor fans to face the feet rather than blow on the face. Cool feet equals cool body.

Sleeping in a Hot Room
Most people know that hot rooms are not ideal for sleeping, especially when snuggled under warm covers. When the body is overheated it must constantly cool down or it will wake up. Keep the room’s temperature between 68-72 degrees.

Holding Urine
Most people who hold their urine during the night often dream of water or some embarrassing bedwetting expedition. Holding urine long-term not only disturbs sleep but also can lead to a urinary tract infection. It’s better to awake once to go to the bathroom rather than tossing and turning with a full bladder.

Sleeping on Stacked Pillows
Pillow comfort is a science that needs just the right balance—not too high and not too low. High pillows may cause snoring where too low pillows may lead to next day headaches. Look for a pillow that keeps the neck in level with the rest of the spine.

Going to Bed Angry
Worried minds, fearful emotions and bad moods certainly disturb sleep. Most people in an angry mood either have bad dreams or they stare at the ceiling mentally screaming about how everyone’s out to get them. Try deep breathing, then let it all go before trying to sleep again.

Sleeping Less
The notion, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” is a poor mindset. If one is out on vacation enjoying life, than that is certainly fine. However, it’s when people lead hectic lifestyles where work and responsibilities tap into bedtime hours. Years of research show that sleepless people cannot function, especially when driving. Some research states that tired drivers are just as, if not more, dangerous than drunk drivers.

Irregular Sleeping Patterns
For those who do not follow a regimented bedtime schedule often have varying health conditions. Staying up later on a weekend is fine, but for those who persistently fluctuate between early bird and late night owl bedtimes find no rhythm. 

Couch Surfing
For some sleeping on the couch is perfectly ok. However, if the body’s position is slightly upright this leads to discomfort in the muscular and long-term may twinge, tweak or pinch muscles. Muscular pain usually leads to less efficient sleep and high pain reliever use.

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