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10 Vastu Shastra Tips for Bedrooms

FogStock/Vico Images/Alin Dragulin

FogStock/Vico Images/Alin Dragulin

Vastu Shastra, or Vastu, is an ancient Vedic tradition that includes the use of natural energy to achieve well-being. Similar to Feng Shui, Vastu can help your living space feel more tranquil and serene. Of course, you want every room in your home to be aesthetically appealing and inviting, but the bedroom is especially important since you spend so much time there. How can you make it a place of refuge, where you feel both comfortable and secure? Here, 10 ways to use Vastu to bring beauty, balance, and harmony to your bedroom.

Choose Your Colors Wisely
According to Vastu, ideal colors for bedrooms are shades of light rose (for passion, coziness, warmth) and blue and green (for a calm, soothing environment). Vastu advises against using white or yellow on the walls. Also avoid red in the bedroom.

Art is Key
What you see first thing, both when you enter the bedroom and when you wake up in the morning, should give you a peaceful, serene feeling. Any photographs, paintings, hangings should give you pleasure.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Bedrooms are not the place for mirrors—especially opposite the foot of the bed. Reflections cause sleep disturbances, and can also lead to misunderstandings and quarrels between couples.

No Electrical Equipment
Keep televisions, computers, and other electronics out of the bedroom. Their positive ions will disturb your sleep—and computer and TV screens will reflect the bed, acting as mirrors.

Use Natural Bedding
Bedding should be made of natural fabrics. Sheets should be clean and fresh, and made of cotton, linen, or silk. Cotton or wool blankets are ideal.

Neatness Counts
It’s very important to remove any clutter in the bedroom, especially under your bed. In addition, always keep closet doors closed, any drawers shut, and leave your desk and other surfaces neat before going to sleep.

Keep your bedroom clean of dust and dirt.

Bed Frames and Headboards
Bed frames should be made of wood (warm) rather than metal (cold). Flower or leaf motifs are perfect for headboards.

The Placement of Your Bed
Don’t place your bed in the direct center of the room. (In fact, don’t place any thing in the middle of the bedroom. Try to keep an open center space.) Don’t place the bed between two doors. Keep your bed 4 inches away from the wall so that the wall won’t disturb your energy while you sleep. Sleep with your head to the south (this direction ensures a good, deep sleep) or the east (which brings enlightenment), never to the north. There shouldn’t be any windows behind you as you sleep.

Use Controlled Lighting
Have lights on a dimmer. Bright lights act as a stimulant, disturbing you.

Plants and Flowers
While fresh flowers promote energizing sleep, don’t fill your bedroom with plants, which, at night, release carbon dioxide.

by Leslie Webster

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