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10 Tips to Cozy Up Your Bedroom for Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside, and nothing is more satisfying during the long winter days than curling up in bed with a hot cup of cocoa and a good movie. But you need that warm, fuzzy atmosphere to go along with it! Ditch the cold and create your own warm winter hideaway. Here are 10 easy tips to cozy up your bedroom.

Warm up the Décor
It’s all about the color scheme when it comes to decorating during fall and winter. Color comes into play when creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Paint your bedroom with fiery hues such as golds, oranges and reds. Target rugs, furniture and accessories if you have white walls to easily light up your personal space.

Pile on Blankets and Pillows
You can never have enough soft, fluffy throws, large chunky quilts or fluffed up pillows. Add a quilt to your bed and layer some plush pillows for a comfortable and luxurious look that will make you want to jump in bed and sink into all the softness.

Banish Bare Floors
The walls, floors and ceilings of my apartment are solid dark wood…and let me tell you, winter is no fun with that bare, hard layout. The answer to warmth and comfort? Rugs, rugs and more rugs. Plant area rugs under tables and furniture and throw a cute, patterned runner in the hallway. Need something big but don’t want to dish out the big bucks? Cut a large rug out of regular carpeting for fluffy flooring to dig your toes into.

Let There be Light
Got a fireplace? Get that bad boy blazing. No fire? Go for candles. The sheer essence of a soft flickering glow creates an intimate, warm atmosphere to chase those chill blues away.

Sweet Scents
Nothing makes you forget the cold more than stepping into a room scented with the soothing smells of cinnamon, spices and pine. Try simmering a combination of sliced oranges, cinnamon sticks, apple slices, bay leaves rosemary or cloves with water in a saucepan on the stove. Your entire house will smell oh so heavenly!

Less is More
It’s easy to think that oodles of stuff can make for a cozier appearance, but nothing is further from the truth. Minimalism is key when it comes to comfort and calming. Get that clutter off the floor and take time to clear those walls as well. Opt for just a couple of simple art pieces for a wall and leave the rest bare. Apply the same rule to furnishings.

You Need a Night Stand
This is a MUST for any bedroom, and it doesn’t have to match your other bedroom furniture! Look for cute, eclectic styles for a simple, unique look. Cozy it up with a small lamp that can be dimmed, and add a candle or a book to create a comfortable, inviting little nook that begs one to relax and stay awhile.

Window Therapy
During the winter, windows become a gateway to letting that cold, outside air into your home, and we don’t want that. Insulate with a good pair of blinds and even think about adding some simple curtains for a cushy, warm look and feel.

Turn Your Mattress
Some mattress manufacturers recommend flipping or rotating your mattress with the change of seasons to get a fresh and full night’s sleep. Turn the mattress so that your noggin and feet swap. Time the swap for when you add new sheets and you will feel like you’re sleeping on a whole new bed.

Tame Cool Temperatures
Is your bedroom just a little too chilly during those blustery winter days? Think about adding some extra heating elements to your bedroom, such as a simple electric space heater. Convection heaters are great for warming up an entire room by quickly spreading heat across the board.

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